Wander With a Focus

Are you a wanderer whose only intention is to fully embrace the present moment? Or does your lifestyle resemble that of a goal-getter, focused on creating a successful future?

Researcher Matt Killingsworth, created an app called, Track Your Happiness and used it to conduct a modern day study that allows users to report their feelings in real time. Among the surprising results: “We’re often happiest when we’re lost in the moment,” said Killingsworth during one of his TedTalks.

Yet, on the flip-side, research has also proven that setting goals for the future releases dopamine, which plays a key role in keeping us focused and motivated towards achieving success. Being present gives existence meaning, whereas having a game plan for life fuels us with a sense of power. Neither way is right or wrong, but what if you were able to experience both behaviors?

I’ve incorporated a new method to my mermaid lifestyle and I call it: wander with a focus—the perfect balance between living in the moment and aligning with the future. Here’s how it looks:

Find Your Focus and Just Do It

It could be intimidating trying to conjure up a dream in your head, especially if you don’t have a particular focus. Answers unfold by doing, not thinking so just do something. Run a mile and see if you can envision yourself crossing the finish line to a marathon. Try taking a trip to a neighboring city and maybe stir up enough confidence to book a solo adventure out of the country. You don’t have to commit, start with what feels right and begin to let your mind explore all the different possibilities

Manifest Like a Mermaid

Manifest is a word that gets tossed around on the reg’, kind of like the term “fleek.” Everyone uses it, but very few understand its true meaning, so let me break it down for you. Manifesting is so much more than simply dreaming, it’s believing an experience into truth. There are many ways to go about manifesting such as journaling, meditating or crafting up a vision board. You can even go to the extreme and buy yourself the bikini you imagine yourself wearing in the Caribbean while traveling around by yacht. However you choose to manifest your future, be as specific possible because it will be that much easier for you to believe in your vision and connect with it every day.

Let It Go, Let it Flow

Once you take the time to become very clear of what you want, let go of all expectations. Don’t worry so much about the how or when, and allow yourself to simply embrace the magic of now. By tuning into the present moment you will soon discover little signs of reassurance, guiding you through your journey. It could be something as minor as a scoring a killer deal on a new pair of running shoes, or it can be as major as crossing paths with a travel guru who’s dad owns a private yacht. But in order to begin discovering these lavish gifts of good fortune, you must be fully in the moment, so keep your mind in the now and your heart open to the endless possibility.

We come from a multi-passionate generation fueled by ambition. However, according to TIME Magazine, our attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, lasting a mere average of eight seconds. I know from personal experience, how hard it is to stay focused on a goal and even when I am in the zone, how challenging it can be to loosen the reins and allow myself to live a little.

If you are feeling ready to discover this harmonious balance within your life, I want to encourage you to breathe in the magic of now and believe the best is yet to come, and it’s going to be on “fleek”.

(Did I use that right?)

By Gennah Rodriguez

Featured image by Jared Kocha

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