Stolen Innocence – An Outcry for India’s girls

Inundated with poverty, overpopulation, and a lack of clean water, India is facing one of the highest criminal acts in history. Summing up to a 31 billion dollar enterprise, the trafficking of girls and women has been a strikingly high trend over the past years. A problem so prevalent in India and yet so buried in the crevices of its cities. Behind this colorful, ancient, and majestic culture lies a real-life horror story for young, innocent girls who are dreaming of escaping this seemingly never ending nightmare. From New Delhi to Kamathipura having the world’s largest brothel, India has threatened the well-being and future of its very own girls.

Capturing this horrific story in its raw entirety are two filmmakers who have decided to advocate against this injustice. Having lived in India, Casey Allred and Chris Davis are ready to invite the world into a darkness that they have witnessed. Hiding cameras and meeting with school officials, they have risked their lives to show the world a hidden truth. Although glimpses of this atrocity have been exposed, Allred and Davis state that they want to give viewers the transparent truth about India and its human trafficking issue. The purpose and hope for the film is to “document the force behind trafficking, what is driving the industry’s rapid growth, and why lawmakers are doing nothing to prevent it,” distinguishing their efforts to present their documentary in a cut and dry fashion. Without reservations, the innocence of these children has been stolen and it is time to expose this violence.

Statistics show that “90 percent of girls are trafficked in India, while 10% are being exported internationally.” According to the United Nations, “India is one of the most dangerous places to be a girl,” painting a lethal picture of how severe this issue is. Some precursors and reasons why the issue remains are ascribed to excessive population, poverty, lack of education, and illiteracy. Ultimately, there is an unfailing hope to flee from these factors, leaving the families of these girls to become trapped into false promises of a legitimate job or a fabricated mirage.

Overcome by the ugliness of this problem, there are ways to counteract this path. Providing adequate education will empower these future women. In addition, making prostitution illegal and establishing punitive consequences for those who purchase these services will lessen the demand for sex. One way you can support this mission and film is to first become aware of this proverbial epidemic impacting the entire globe. Human-trafficking does not hold boundaries for race, country, or social status. It exists in every corner where humanity resides. Learn about modern-day slavery in your own backyard. Once you become aware you can begin to find local agencies that are fighting against this issue. Another way is to support this film through their Kickstarter Campaign located at Lastly you can utilize social media via the #giveheravoice hashtag.

Allred and Davis are finalizing their documentary “Stolen Innocence” and it is scheduled to premier in 2015. I personally invite you to watch this film and to join the movement against human-trafficking. Similar to survivors, taking a step towards transformation requires boldness and courage. Becoming enlightened will compel you to pursue a wave of change that will flood out this unacceptable injustice.

By: Jasmine Negron

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