Raquel Sofia Challenging the Sexy Latina Stereotype

Raquel Sofía charmed us with her confident demeanor and gorgeous smile as we sat down with her for her first interview ever! We sipped on coffee with the Puerto Rican native and chatted about her love for yoga, blogging and most importantly, her music.

Raquel is a graduate of the University of Miami Frost Music and since then has called Miami home. Soon after graduating, she was given the opportunity to perform alongside Latin singer-songwriter, Juanes, singing back up vocals for his MTV unplugged tour as well as playing her own original music as the opening act. Raquel is truly an inspiration stating that, “at the end of the day I want to motivate people with my music. I think I speak pretty directly to women and I hope to inspire girls to break the mold by being different, to be themselves.”


What struggles or issues have you faced as a female performer in a male dominated industry?

You have to develop a tough skin, step number 1. Beyond that, we as women (especially Latinas) are expected to be sexy…at all times. And ‘sexy’ is sometimes defined by how much skin you’re showing. It’s so stereotypical and breaking the mold from that is difficult! Lyrically I’ve been fortunate enough that my label lets me write whatever I want, but some people are hesitant and think ‘wait, can she say that?’ but we’ve decided to just go with it because it’s me, it’s real and it’s time! You listen to some male artists’ songs and they can say whatever they want, but for some reason women are still limited.


Can you provide some advice for female musicians?

Just know that it’s going to be really tough. You will face challenges. You may face a lot of disappointments. You might also find yourself broke and jobless. Regardless, you can’t ever stop. If you do, that’s when you feel tempted to settle with something else. Be ready for the struggle and keep going no matter what. Also, become as well rounded as you can by educating yourself in whatever it is that you want to pursue.


For more music and updates from Raquel Sofía check out Raquelsofia.com


By Nicolette Neves

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