Love is enhanced when shared, developed when honored and contagious when manifested. In this space, we’ll dig + explore the meaning of generous, healthy and sustainable love in romance, kinship, friendship, and general human expression.

What No One Tells You About Divorce

There are a few things that nobody wants to tell you when you’re going through a divorce, but there are many things people will say…

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Getting To Know You Before Love

Slow. The word itself glows if you give your eyes a moment with it — not exactly the most typed-out word in my emails and text conversations.  Frustration is often…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for All Your Loves

Interested in spreading the love beyond romantic relationships this Valentine’s Day? Everyone enjoys an unexpected gift of love and we’ve compiled some of our favorites to start you off. Enjoy!  …

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Wanted: True Love and Other Imposters

We all want it, don’t we? That other half. That plus one. That counterpart through all of life’s storms. We want to be seen, known, valued. We want to be…

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The ‘Mmmm’ Word: Should We Feel Bad About Feeling Good?

Why am I so compelled to masturbate?… Should I feel guilty?… Does it make me perverted or weird? These are the most common questions I’ve heard over the past 20…

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Rewriting Happily Ever After

There are women that have dreamt about their weddings since little girls. Wearing their mother’s old gowns and tucking flowers in their hair as they walk down an imaginary aisle…

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