Building Community With Soulpick

You can’t spell “community” without “unity.” We confirmed this when we sat down with Nilsa Salgado (Nilly), founder of Soulpick, an online community unifying those with similar interests in the arts and spiritual realms.

As we talked community and social platforms, we discovered that Salgado is one highly inspiring woman and learned that beautiful and communal beginnings could bloom out of longing.

Hailing from Virginia Beach, and currently living in Brooklyn, Salgado works as a support counselor at a school for youth with behavioral and mental health needs. She’s an introverted old soul with a wide array of passions, enjoying hobbies such as coloring mandalas, drawing, journaling, meditation, making crystal pendants, singing, dancing and blogging.

“I am mainly inspired by transparency, authenticity and beauty,” Salgado said. “As someone with an admittedly short attention span, I find the disclosure of deep emotions, beautiful stories, and soulful imagery quite captivating.”

Merging these inspirations and passions is what led her to begin the online platform Soulpick.

What is Soulpick?

“Several years ago, before I even had an Instagram, I etched into a metal sun sculpture the different themes I wanted my life to embody,” she said. “Themes such as people’s stories, passion, nature, philosophy, imagination, emotions, inspiration, color, intuition, curiosity. I hung it up in my living room and it wasn’t until a couple years later that I realized that I had manifested all of those elements in my life through the creation of Soulpick.”

With the mission to “uplift, heal, and connect inspiring souls through inspired community engagement and media,” Soulpick originally began as an Instagram account and is now a website connecting individuals at large.

We can expect much more from Soulpick in the very near future, including a Soulpicknik, an artisan/healer directory that links similar individuals together, and a photo book titled Brown Bohemians.

Follow Soulpick on Instagram at @Soulpick, or by visiting

Words by Alyssa DeBonis

Featured image by  MountainbikeKeith

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