Leah Hoffman’s Inspiring Space

“I wouldn’t call myself an interior decorator, but I do love inspiring spaces.  When I moved into my downtown Nashville loft two years ago, it was beautiful as it was. Huge industrial windows, exposed white brick walls, rough old hardwood floors, and tall open floor plan…”


In Leah’s Words…

“…The decor has evolved over the two years I’ve lived here, especially when my husband moved in because it challenged me to make it our space. The bedroom is ethereal and bright, with all of my clothes exposed (kind of a must when you don’t have official closets) all of my beautiful jewels hanging on the wall like a store. I love the huge window that also doubles as my vanity. My ceiling is covered with string bulb lights and I have beads hung in both doorways that lead to the open room. The rest of my loft is decorated with lots of bohemian textures, southwestern prints, exposed wood, a big tepee, and lots of taxidermy and cow skulls. I like for my surroundings to be warm and bright, simple yet cluttered. I want each corner to be a perfect photo backdrop, and the perfect kitty amusement park for my two babies…my cats!”


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Don’t pay the consequences forever

Saying you’re enough, isn’t always enough.

When your days AND life seem too short.

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