Hello Dreams: The Power of Visualization

We are constantly manifesting our lives; the good AND the bad. If manifesting means you attract and make things happen with your thoughts and actions, why would anyone manifest anything other than that which is longed for? Well, I don’t think people intentionally wish for the dark clouds to set over them, but they often do subconsciously attract them by focusing on the dreaded elements rather than the desired outcomes. In other words, they spend a big part of their days worrying about what they DON’T want. Have you ever been so worried about something that you think about it obsessively? You camp over the idea and spend long periods of time imagining scenarios in your head. You become so invested in this thought that you actually start to feel sick to your stomach as if it actually HAD happened? Yes, we’ve all experienced this from time to time because it’s easy to get lost in our thoughts and worry about what we can’t control. The good thing is that if you are so great at visualizing what you don’t want, then chances are you will be REALLY great at visualizing what you DO want. All you have to do is set your intentional goal, get organized, set a plan and visualize!

Visualization is not a new age concept that only yogis practice. Many successful people reference visualization as an important factor in helping the achievement of success. The New York Times, wrote an article about how Olympian skiers believe in the power of visualization and how they spend time imagining themselves skiing down the slopes, every detail and scenario that could happen and how they will react. They value visual training as much as the actual physical training for their success. When I first heard about this concept, I was a little confused as how it actually worked. I loved the idea of being able to manifest things in my life, but I didn’t understand why, if it was so effective, not everyone was doing it? Didn’t everyone want to live a life full of abundance? That’s when I learned that visualization works but it’s not magic. You cannot simply wish for something and then sit around all day and wait for it to fall on your lap. If that were true, this world would be a very different place. To make this work, YOU actually HAVE to ACT as well as visualize.

From experience, I can tell you that the more practical you become with your visualization practice, the better. According to an article written by author and personal coach, Berrie Davenport for Finerminds, you can follow these five steps to help get you on the right path and become a visualization master.

Step 1 – Pick your intention

We all have many dreams, but it’s best to be specific. Pick a dream and develop it into an intention. How so? Simply make it a detailed goal and put an end date. Be as specific as you can. Describe what you want and why you want it.

Step 2 – Create your plan

How are you going to make that happen? You know it’s going to happen if you do the work, so what are you going to do? Create an action plan from now, up to your end goal. Include everything you have to do, from perfecting a skill to meeting new people. Give yourself a realistic time frame so you can efficiently make it work.

Step 3 – Set the time

Part of your action plan is also to create time for visualizing. Determine the best time in your day to set aside a few minutes of uninterrupted time. For me, as soon as I wake up in the morning and right before going to sleep at night are the best times because it is the first and last thing I’ll think about that day. If for you that means having to wake up 15 minutes earlier, then do it! I promise it will be worth it. This should also be something that you look forward to. It should be a fun and exciting time when you can spend those minutes just living your dreams inside your head. If it’s not fun, then I suggest you change your dream! Your life answers to feelings. If you are sharing passion, happiness and excitement, that’s exactly what it will give back to you.

Step 4 – Paint the picture

This is my favorite part because it’s when you can use your creativity. Like I said before, you need to add feeling to this process. Picture yourself after you achieve what you wanted. Visualize all the details of what that would look like, even to what you will be wearing and how you will feel. Then, visualize the actions you will take in order to successfully achieve your dreams. This is as important as imagining the end goal. In a video featured in Finerminds, the power of a single thought is explained. The video says that visualizing an action uses the SAME neurons in your brain as actually performing that action. Meaning that your brain does not know whether you are imagining something or actually doing it and you can control the outcome of how you perform a skill, simply by visualizing yourself doing it!

Step 5 – Make Reminders

Let me be honest, the journey won’t be easy and picture perfect. You will have bad moments where you’ll have doubts and you will want to go back and settle without reaching your goals. Don’t give up! It happens to the best of us, which is why you NEED constant reminders to get you back on track channeling that strength you carry within. I use visual guides that I can carry with me everywhere I go. In an interview with Oprah, Jim Carrey shares the story of when he was struggling when he first started out in Hollywood. He decided to use the power of visualization and wrote a check for himself for ten million dollars and dated it for Thanksgiving day, 1995 and in the memo line, wrote “for acting services rendered.” He carried it with him, constantly looked at it and believed it would happen. It so happened that he went on to make that exact amount for his breakout role in Dumb and Dumber right before Thanksgiving day on 1995.

Whatever you are looking to change and improve this new year, organize a plan so you can achieve it successfully!

My Healthy Girl’s tip for today is: Never EVER give up.

I mean it! If you take all the steps and don’t manage to meet your goal by the date you had hoped, just keep going! It can be frustrating, (trust me, I know) but I promise that if you work hard, visualize with clarity and believe in what you are doing, you WILL get there. Don’t believe me? Look back 1 year, 6 months or even 1 month from today and compare yourself from then to now. I guarantee that if you are actively working towards improving yourself, you will have gone several steps forward from where you started.

By Estefania Romero

Image by: Sophie Pellegrini

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