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If You’re Looking for Treasure

Places can change you. Jakes hotel in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, is one of those places.


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Amiga, if you find yourself having to fight off the mindsets + habits that keep you in the infinite revolving door or anxiety, worry and overwhelm, this is for you. Enjoy chica.


Story and Myth: Jamaican Jewelry that Protects and Provides

When you look beyond the beads of Jamaican jewelry line Story and Myth, you feel protected, empowered and uplifted as you wear one of the carefully and intentionally handmade pieces. We’re talking a mission with a brand kind of goodness.

The iconic “blessing beads” are created using Job’s tears, a sacred seed of the Jamaican soil. According to ancient myths, these seeds are believed to symbolize strength, survival, and protection.

Staying true to her Jamaican culture and traditions, Kristie Stephenson created Story and Myth, intended to communicate to the carrier to rise above fears, setbacks and life’s inevitable challenges.

Every seed is hand picked by local farmers, then handcrafted into jewelry by a small community of artisans, some of whom have physical disabilities and are often marginalized within the marketplace. This is an organization is simultaneously committed to providing opportunities for those in need while expressing beauty, gumption and grace in the same breath.

Each piece can be customized and personalized by choosing from an array of gemstones and charms that hide within them messages of hope, peace, love, freedom and joy.

To learn more about Story and Myth or creator Kristie Stephenson, check out @storyandmyth on Instagram or visit their website storyandmyth.

Below are some images of our C.E.O. Hugette Montesinos on her trip to Jamaica as she saw the bead picking process as well as got to know Kristie within her creative and soulful ambience.

By Gennah Nicole


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