Re-use Your Muse: 5 ways to Wear the Military Jacket

If you’re nothing like your polar bear friends and constantly carry around a cardigan, jacket or any other long-sleeved companion, you’re going to love this. Behold… the endless, versatile utilitarian military jacket! (more…)

What No One Tells You About Motherhood

Motherhood is a role that comes with innumerable intricacies. While many women feel it’s their divine purpose to nourish and give life, others abstain from having children altogether. There is no wrong choice, and only one certainty: motherhood looks different to all of us. While there’s an overabundance of shared sentiments on the ways in which having a child will enrich a woman’s life, not so much light is given to the more challenging parts of motherhood, the part mothers themselves often feel reluctant to speak about. Oftentimes, descriptions of motherhood are not unlike an Instagram feed where users only share their picture-perfect moments but rarely discuss the difficult parts.


What Is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle?

You may have heard of Ayurveda or the doshas at your Saturday morning yoga class, but have you ever thought about actually living an Ayurvedic lifestyle? Ayurveda, a science practiced for over 5,000 years, has tried and true remedies for maintaining a life of happiness and health. This ancient Science of Life, teaches us that we create our state of emotional, spiritual and physical health based on how we interact with our environment.


A Skincare Guide for Beauty Non-Believers

I love skincare and I’m not afraid to say it. Ever since ever, I’ve had major oily skin issues — blackheads, whiteheads, what looks like a slab of grease on my forehead — you name it. Luckily, this has made me well-versed in the realm of anything-that-will-get-rid-of-the-oil-in-my-skin, or if you want to umbrella-term it, beauty.


Whats Right With the World? Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul

Each time we tune into the news, we are bombarded with devastating stories that only make us question our humanity. Although it’s important, and quite necessary,  to be aware of the adversity that plagues society, it may leave us thinking there is no good in this world… when in reality, there’s lots of good, just not much coverage of it. With these new stories and motivational videos, we hope to uplift and inspire you to ask yourself how you, too, can contribute to magnifying the beauty of our world. 


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