All About Rebecca Ronald

From serving as Billabong’s brand ambassador and lifestyle model at the budding age of 17 to where she is today, it seems bizarre that Rebecca Ronald is merely in her early 20s. The last five years for Rebecca have been packed with highs, lows, and a whole lot of soul searching. Let’s just say this woman can handle just about anything, all with an open heart and a smile upon her face.

Describing her 17-year-old self, as “a donkey riding kiwi girl,” modeling always seemed like an unattainable dream for Rebecca. As a teen, she would shop at surf stores simply for the pleasure of collecting the clothing tags, which portrayed beautiful, adventurous women surfing and hanging out with friends. So when she was chosen to be Billabong’s brand ambassador to kick-start her career she was ecstatic.

“At 17 I mustered the courage to send in a homemade DVD of myself frolicking on the beach, skating, surfing, and speaking to the camera – all in the hopes I would be put in contract with Billabong. From there my modeling snowballed, but through it all, and now more than ever, my heart has never been about esteeming or glorifying myself but rather a tool I can use to inspire and speak life into others to become who they are called to be.”

As a lifestyle surfer and lover of all things outdoors, it seems only natural that Rebecca would be chosen to represent such an esteemed brand. She describes the ocean as her home away from home, where she feels “most raw and beautiful when immersed in it.” And with such a laid back aura, Rebecca uses modeling as a way to encourage young women to be fully themselves, individual and chase their dreams, regardless of how big they seem. Before each shoot, she prays that the light of God within her will shine through. In this way, she keeps from being too inwardly focused with modeling and to use it as a tool to exhort and inspire.

Known for her optimism and energetic nature, it took Rebecca by surprise when her health began a downward spiral. After consulting with many doctors, she still did not have a detailed answer as to what was making her feel sick all the time. It was by her father’s urging that Rebecca finally saw a natural specialist and came to the root of her problem – blood poisoning. And soon after she began the process of healing herself through the detoxification of mind, body, and soul which she practices every day. “So what ended up freeing me was no longer believing I was ‘sick’ or ‘un-well’, but by solidifying myself in the truth and mentality that I was healed and was becoming healthier and well every single day,” she says.

Through this trying journey, Rebecca has begun studying biological lifestyle therapies to aid in the healing of others the natural way. Her favorite topic: Iridology, the study of the science behind the anatomical position of the iris. “It is absolutely intriguing and through viewing the eye and other body features and questioning a person, you are able to gain an understanding of what is causing ailments or disease and help them in the healing process!” Rebecca says

Rebecca is a true role model and inspiration. In ten years she sees herself, “Living a life of adventure and travel with a growing family surrounded by beautiful flowers, all while serving the Lord through traveling ministries and helping people discover truth. I want to aid in restoring the brokenhearted and give them tools for a healthy and wholesome life – mind, body, soul and spirit.”

By Hannah Kocurek


Don’t pay the consequences forever

Saying you’re enough, isn’t always enough.

When your days AND life seem too short.

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