5 Favorite Earthbound Trading Co. Items for Your Nest

The immense desire to explore may motivate you to travel but it may also cause an inner struggle to find balance. While the nomadic spirit drives the need for cultural exploration, obligations and financial responsibilities may prevent such actions. Luckily, Earthbound Trading Company brings beautiful foreign treasures to you through their website and local store offerings.

Earthbound Trading Company embraces the unique qualities of diverse cultures. Their products draw inspiration from wildlife, textiles, architecture and other ethnic elements. Each item captures different cultural vibes to meet the style of bohemian wanderers. Earthbound Trading Company also offers a variety of products beyond home goods, such as clothing, accessories and spiritual items.

We have compiled a list of five essential home décor pieces that will compliment any home in need of a little bohemian essence.


Apothecary Candle – Tobacco & Patchouli



Paddywax offers serene handcrafted soy wax candles. Their Apothecary Collection bottles signature scents, which hold the power to transform your home. The Tobacco and Patchouli candle blends the rich scents of tobacco with the earthy smells of patchouli. Together, these ingredients engulf your home with a rustic aroma.


Copper Hamsa Hand Catch All Dish


The Hamsa is known as a symbol of protection. The Copper Hamsa Hand Catch All Dish channels this protective nature to bring you strength and good fortune. The intricate carvings of the dish serve as a beautiful contrast against the aluminum material. This dish serves as an ideal place for your keys and small belongings upon entrance of your welcoming home.


Lotus Wood Artist Hand


Wooden hands are great décor items outside of artists’ studios. The Lotus Wood Artist Hand is the perfect mechanism to express your creativity within your home. Whether you use this piece to hold your jewelry or place the hand on display, the deep wood will provide a beautiful natural look.


Glass Hexagon Container


Prism décor pieces are a notable trend in interior design. Earthbound Trading Company pulls inspiration from this trend to create the Glass Hexagon Container. The design is both chic and modern. The copper material provides an urban feel while it maintains its bohemian aesthetic through its structure. This item can be used to hold small items or can even serve as a terrarium for succulents.


Opal Soap Rock


Earthbound Trading’s soap rocks are glycerine soaps that mimic the beauties of natural rocks. These soaps light up under water demonstrating their majestic colors. The Opal Soap Rock draws upon the alluring features of opal, the national gemstone of Australia. This soap is great as either a décor piece or a functional soap for gentle cleaning. Either way, this soap rock will brighten your bathroom with its gorgeous coloring.

By Jenna Hochman

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